Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Day Phoebe Turns 7

I can't believe my baby turned 7 today.  I decided I would highlight her birthday from start to finish-
waking up another year older

this is what we woke up to -frigid temperatures. The high only reached 20 degrees. BRRR! taking that yesterday it was in the sixties.  Phoebe wasn't too happy waking up to snow-she likes it warm and she didn't even get a snow day out of it.
the birthday girl before she heads off to school where she would get to hand out cupcakes to her classmates, get sung to, and wear the special birthday shirt.

getting picked up from school by her dad

coming home to presents
she LOVES to do art- one of her brothers gave her these great doodle books that start a picture for you  and then you are supposed to finish it or they give you an idea of what to draw and design.

She got a "Kit" American Girl doll

She got the boots she's been pining for.  She also got a shirt, earrings, a game, and some barbies because she says all she has are Isabel's old ones.

she chose to go to Red Robin for dinner-next picture will tell you why.

She wanted to get sung happy birthday to by the wait staff.  I personally can't think of anything worse than being sung to in public -but Phoebe as you can see loved it!
She also chose to go to the high school play of A Christmas Carol

We came home to her favorite dessert-chocolate pie.  She also came home and pulled out her 2nd tooth in a week. Now she really can sing "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth."

I think overall she had a pretty good birthday-she went to bed happy.

We all went around and listed the reasons we love Phoebe-
1-Oliver said she makes him laugh
2-Her dad said he loved that she is opinionated(she looked at me and says "You love me sometimes for that") which is true because we have some battles where there is major negotiations that go on before school. But overall I'm glad she knows what she likes and what she doesn't.
3-I love that she still loves to hold my hand and crawl into my lap
4-Miles loves her because she has a good fashion sense(weird for him to care??)
5-She cares about how others feel
6-She's smart
7-Isabel thinks she's sassy in a good way

Some of Phoebe's favorite things are:
color -green and red.
subject-math and reading
food-fried chicken, macaroni salad and sweet potatoes
she loves doing art projects, riding her bike or scooter outside with her brothers, and reading.
she loved playing soccer this fall and is excited to play in the spring.

 She loves school-I had her parent teacher conference yesterday where she had a glowing report. Her teacher says she is like a little grown up(I think that's a good thing??) I think because she's a pretty serious kid who is very focused about her work. Her teacher also said she  is always very willing to help anyone who needs it.  She is still very shy, she doesn't give a lot away with her expressions.  People at church think it's a challenge to get Phoebe to speak or smile at them. I like to think she's just careful-because if she knows you well -it's another story and she  has lots of little girl friends who she lets loose with and has fun. 

We completely LOVE her to bits! We hope this coming year is full of wonderful and magical things for her!

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Melissa said...

I will always remember holding her when she was just a week or two old and pining away for my own little daughter (so glad I got one 10 months later!). She looks so much older in these pictures, not that you want to hear that. I am glad she had such a special day! And #4 on the list made me LOL - it totally reminded me of Miles whispering "I love you Phoebe!" in that creepy whisper. ;)